Cetaphil’s Hydraterende Crème is zelfs wetenschappelijk onderzocht, en bleek een positief effect te hebben op de huid met rosacea (Laquieze et al., 2007). Posted by 24 days ago. This study examines the use of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (a nonalkaline nonirritating cleanser) in patients with rosacea. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Non-irritating cleansers are best for people with rosacea, which increases the skin’s sensitivity. Face wash for rosacea redness- CeraVe vs Cetaphil. Hello all I have been using cetaphil gental cleanser and lotion for just over a week now. At first I was impressed with the results i.e. 26 years experience Plastic Surgery. Also I think both brands have various types of cleansers- which is best for skin with rosacea redness? 2. Cetaphil is another mild facial cleanser suggested by MayoClinic.com for use by rosacea patients 1. In general, for patients with rosacea, I recommend using creams that are non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. cetaphil rosacea. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is non-comedogenic and is fragrance-free. Face wash for rosacea redness- CeraVe vs Cetaphil. no stinging when applying the cleanser or burning sensation a while after applying the lotion (just a slight tinge when applying it around the mouth area which is much better than having your whole face on fire as I discovered after using E45! See a doctor: Rosacea is a very common disorder and affects as many as 1 out of 3 people. ). To eliminate the confounding effects of various treatments, the cleanser was studied for a 2-week period in the absence of rosacea therapy following a 2-week washout period in patients with mild to moderate rosacea. save. The Cetaphil website describes its product as ideal for daily use because it supports your skin’s natural pH balance and does not strip skin of its natural protective oils. "The best moisturizers for rosacea need to be hydrating and gentle, as people suffering from rosacea have skin that is sensitive, often becoming [drier], irritated, and inflamed after putting on certain topicals. A 41-year-old member asked: Which cetaphil products should I get for rosacea? Close. share. Dr. Gregory Buford answered. Which is your fave, have you had better results with one over the other? 13 comments. Hier moet ik wel aan toevoegen, dat de bewijskracht van deze studie niet bepaald sterk is.
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