Well, Tony told me all about it, including the override in the hall. About a minute later...], [A bright light from the basement opens up, and Jeff walks upstairs, fully aware of the info he has learned from his cousin Tony and from their victim, Kelly. [She jumps onto the bed and then leaps back down before running to the bathroom; Sheila turns to leave for the hallway, while Victor and his daughter Sarah pursue Kelly inside. Generic formats Splits.io Exchange Format Local timers Urn SplitterZ Llanfair (Gered's fork) Time Split Tracker LiveSplit WSplit Online timers LiveSplit One Raw data Run History Segment History. You can try to trap Sarah, but it won't work. Night Trap is the twenty-fifth game played by Danny and Arin, and is the ninety-seventh game played on Game Grumps.. Episodes Edit. For whatever reason, the timeline is slightly different than the Sega CD version of this game. NIGHT TRAP PERFECT GAME WALKTHROUGH Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition The following are the rooms and times when you can capture the Augers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Sega CD version of Night Trap contains 62.80 minutes of footage, 139.05 minutes of dead time and 201.85 minutes of full video (00:24:10 *8+ 00:00:31 for the ending scene in the Upstairs Hallway) in total. [He pulls her up closer to him before he aims for her neck.] ... Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition. [As she speaks, Sarah aims for her neck.] [Before she can escape, however, two Augers grab her by the arms and prevent her escape.] ... Get all 6 endings. She yelps in panic and looks at both Augs holding her in their clutches before she hears Victor's evil laughter echoing from the bedroom. ☐ … Mine. Best Ending in 25m 45s by E c d y c i s E c d y c i s - 1st place. ], Kelly: Whose side are you on, anyway?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Like most FMV games, Night Trap could be best described as a series of quick time events with an excuse of a plot. Taken from a Playstation Trophies guide forum, which worked for me: Would I be correct in thinking that you have to capture 100% of the Augs and the three Martins. So now, without further ado, here's what will happen if you trap Kelly in the Perfect Run: [Camera zooms in as the glass door trap closes in on Kelly, who becomes horrified. For whatever reason, the timeline is slightly different than the Sega CD version of this game. NO! NO!!! Well, now you can play the traitor card and activate the glass trap on her if you time this right. [As she makes her final high-pitched scream, Sarah makes her final bite on Kelly's neck, and the camera cuts to Kelly as her spirit falls down screaming into total blackness before she is seen no more, thus ending the game.]. 0], Kelly: NOW!!! ], Kelly: Way to go, Control! Fairly impressive for 1992. You won't feel a thing! All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Thanks a lot, Control. ], Victor: [overjoyed] Oh, splendid! [Camera zooms in to a close-up of Victor, who shows his glowing green eyes, bares his fangs and hisses, as he's about to take a bite. Report. You need to get two endings to this game, one where you find who was behind … For a while there, I thought I was a goner. Script. ], Victor: It's not over yet, my sweet little plum! ever wonder what happens if they notice that over-ride cable in the hall?? [He quickly pulls her into the secret passageway before the secret wall door closes, shutting her away forever from the teammates she will never see again. [The trap door opens underneath her feet.] Camera zooms in to Cindy as she backs off toward the desk near a portrait on the wall as the Augers come in to grab her, and for once, she is done for. Unlike most other FMV games, this one comes with a cheesy 80's horror movie as its framing device and a catchy theme song to boot, and it holds up better than most as a result, especially with the quality of life improvements of the 25th Anniversary Edition. No!!!!! This is the ending to Night Trap on Sega CD. She turns around to see Victor himself, who emerges from said bedroom soon enough and faces his captive. Quickly switch to the BATHROOM, and catch another Leecher. Night Trap is an interactive movie video game developed by Digital Pictures and originally released by Sega for the Sega CD in 1992. Notice the glass door trap Kelly is stepping on. Sem categoria. For events to unfold, and allow the girls to escape the vampire ridden house, the player switches between rooms to trap the Augs, in turn, which gives a chance for all the people in the house to escape alive. Victor shows the controller to his wife.]. Wouldn't it be a surprise if you can trap her? Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition also includes new features such as deleted scenes, two documentaries, the all-new Theater that allows you to watch all story-related videos uninterrupted, a new mode with online functionality called Survivor that will test your skills at trapping intruders and behind the scenes production images. Stay in the BEDROOM and trap Sarah to save Taco-Man for the BEST (NUDE) ending. No!!! 43.9% Rare: 0.00% Ultra Rare: You Were Retro Perfect Complete the game without missing an Auger using Retro Icons. Who Did It? [The laughing-mad matriarch pulls her over, as she slowly aims for the girl's neck.] Region free. Global Achievements. Playing next. Played on PlayStation 4 [USA] on 22 Feb 2020, 12:00. Night Trap Best Ending by jsr_ Personal Best. About 'Night Trap' #1AX Back around 1992, the video game industry was at another peak: compact discs were being used in video game consoles for the first time -- a medium that could easily support FMV, or "Full Motion Video", point-and-click games. Kelly: [turns to you again in disappointment] Oh, c'mon, you guys, HELP!!! [The couple raise their fingers as they look to you once more, and Victor makes an evil laugh as Sheila presses the button on his controller and sends you down the trap to your doom. Victor: [offscreen, furious] Jeffrey! Next, here's what will happen if you fail to trap Sheila at the 24:30 mark, but succeed in trapping her husband and daughter: [Kelly waits for a response from you near the closet trap, but to no avail, as she looks at you in stunned disappointment. Last night SCAT sent in an agent to infiltrate the house, there he found a security system that controlled cameras in every room of the house, and various traps located throughout each. ], Kelly: [frustrated] WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! fmvgamer. Thank you, you're my... [Before she can finish, however, camera zooms in to a close-up of Jeff, who shows his glowing green eyes and bares his fangs and hisses, as he's about to take a bite. Sheila: [giggles in glee] Oh, thank you, my dear. Control... [She struggles to break free in a vain attempt, before the camera cuts to the base of the stairway as Tony is about to open the secret door before she continues, screaming like a maniac.] And finally, here's what will happen if you do trap Sheila, but then leave Victor alone at the 24:54 mark before trapping his daughter Sarah: [At her command, Kelly waits for a response from you, but, again, to no avail, before she turns to Victor.]. The 25th Anniversary Edition introduces a new layout and revamped icons that allow you to view scenes occurring in other rooms outside the one you are in, making the task of capturing all Augers easier to pull off. 2.0%. The number of Augers in each room is in parentheses. [Camera zooms back out as she falls down the pit to her demise as the mist rises from it; and it cuts to Kelly as she falls down screaming into total blackness before she is seen no more, thus ending the game. Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition. This thread was made a long time for you, but ill tell you how night trap is, First of all, im 15 (yes young for this game), so dont expect me to know everything: There are 7 endings in the game: 1) Cindy gets bitten by Jeff and Victor and Shiela disconnect you 2) Tony gets Kelly and Jeff disconnects the override 3) Kelly gets bitten by Sarah You shouldn't have bitten her! [Camera zooms in to Jeff and the woman, Cindy, now a vampiress, wearing a white dress and a silk see-through blouse, and her hair no longer in a ponytail, as she responds.]. No!!! Camera zooms back out as Kelly is horrified, and she turns around and makes a desperate struggle to free herself, but all in vain. Tell me what you think about the ending, I have mixed emotions about it. [At her final cry, Victor makes his final bite on her neck, and the camera fades in to Kelly as her spirit falls down screaming into total blackness before she is seen no more, thus ending the game.]. You've already seen the Game Over Scenes a bit earlier, but there are some very special Game Over Scenes that may let you retry if you lose in the HD rerelease. The game was released in August 24, 2018. They both struggle a bit as Cindy's screams turn into dying moans as he pushes the secret bookcase open and goes into the passage with her before it closes behind them both. To progress in the game, you need to balance watching the clips and trapping augers simultaneously. And each time, it involves Kelly Medd and the three remaining Martins (Sarah, Victor, and Sheila). [Her fears are soon proven right, however, when she starts turning around to leave before two Augers grab her by the arms and prevent her escape. NO! This is just one of the bad endings for Night Trap FMV game , where you can get to the end and get all the vampires and still have a chance of trapping Dana plato as well ! 1.8% Ultra Rare: 5.89% Very Rare: This Is Your New Favorite Movie Get all 6 endings. ], Kelly: NO!!! :) The first bad ending starts off a bit earlier toward the end, and it involves Cindy. Night Trap FMV game ending. Now, a game script can look a bit like a text dump, a.k.a. Mike Starr is pretty funny trying to pull off a Cajun accent. Complete the game without missing an Auger using Retro Icons. Jeff: [explains] I, uh... [shrugs his shoulders before continuing] I couldn't help myself. Kelly is bitten by Victor Martin at the end 2. The game was first revealed in an image on the NES skin, which at the time was believed to be a completely separate NES game.The game received a sequel called Office Trap. ], Victor: No, Lieutenant! Just then the secret bookcase door opens with a creak, and in pops Jeff, who brushes the Augers away, as if to say, "Back off! Camera zooms back out as Kelly watches her fall in, and she puts her hand to her chest and heaves a sigh of relief as she turns to you. So here's what will actually happen if you fail to save her at the 18:33 mark, starting now: [Cindy is completely cornered by two Augers and about to get captured and killed. Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Route only . wonder no more!! 43.9% Rare: 0.00% Ultra Rare: This Is Your New Favorite Movie Get all 6 endings. The game is presented primarily through the use of full motion video (FMV). Compare . 10:24. They both wave you goodbye with smug smiles on their faces and rising mist and Victor's laughter continues, which is the last thing you see and hear, as the whistle descends into darkness, thus ending the game.]. "Scene of the Crime" is a prototype game that is similar to Night Trap however, it requires no trapping and just requires you to watch the events play out to determine the thief. After a few minutes...], [The scene continues on from which Lt. Simms becomes confused by the Martins' laughter, knowing his claim that they are "in serious trouble" is a backfire; camera zooms back out again to the entire gang before Victor responds.
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