Two unusual veggie burger ingredients, wild rice and polenta, pair up to create these delightfully crispy patties. This mushroom sandwich comes topped with a luscious Greek-style salad. Soup Loving Nicole, Credit: CookinBug, Credit: Curry paste adds a boost of flavor for this vegetable-packed burger recipe.Â. Pureed chickpeas, seasoned with the characteristic flavors of falafel, make excellent veggie burgers. Recipe Notes You can make the veggie patties for the vegan burger with any of the following ingredients: sweet potato, beans, quinoa You won't feel like you're missing out at the BBQ when you're enjoying these lentil burgers. Happyschmoopies, Credit: says user ecty. crazydaisy, Credit: Preheat the oven to 375F and line a baking sheet with a silicone mat or parchment paper. Vegan Black Bean Burgers. "I almost always have the ingredients on hand so it's a nice go-to that's healthy.". Grill or bake the black bean burg… Packaged veggie burgers (like Morning Star Farms or Boca) can also be a part of a healthy eating plan. For larger burgers, divide into 5 patties (1/2 cup in size // amount as original recipe is written), or form 10 smaller burgers (1/4 cup in size // amount as original recipe is written). Substitute oregano for marjoram if you like. The fat helps coat the separate elements so that it holds together nicely and isn't piecey like most veggie burgers. This recipe truly lives up to its "veggie" name with the inclusion of squash, zucchini, and carrots in the patty mixture. From blended beans to marinated portobello mushrooms, making a plant-based burger can be a great way to add more veggies to your diet while still creating a satisfying meal.Â, Mushrooms are the base for this hearty veggie burger that relies on Parmigiano-Reggiano, oregano, and garlic for a burst of flavor.Â, Quinoa, a seed which is often confused for a grain, pairs with black beans for a protein-packed patty. EatingWell may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Instructions. Veggie Burger Ingredients. Pepitas: a.k.a. Here’s what you’ll need: Sweet potatoes: For … In this burger, sweet corn offsets spicy jalapeños for a balanced flavor. Then we dug even further, surveying Allrecipes cooks about what's in their carts and fridges, on their stovetops and tables, and on their minds. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. We use a two-stage method for cooking the patties, first browning them in a skillet and then finishing them in the oven. Also, drain and rinse the beans, then mash them either with a fork … Mushrooms and grains form the bulk of the burger--the mushrooms are tender, and the grains stay firm to give the impression of protein which has been cooked. Allrecipes Magazine, Credit: I found this recipe … These smoky sweet potato & chipotle patties are … "This recipe needs 10 stars," says user Tlgonzalez. Add a simple side salad or some grilled veggies for a satisfying and easy dinner on the grill. Make it a meal: Serve with cucumber spears and a glass of Firestone Gewürztraminer. I don't know how these compare up to other black bean burgers, but I know these are super cheap, healthy, and very yummy! Bean patties have less saturated fat and more fiber than beef patties. The cornmeal coating gives a pleasant crunch and smoked paprika, cumin, cilantro and guacamole add Southwestern flavor. Rather than a heavy, fried falafel, here's a lighter version of the pocket sandwich: a chickpea patty served in a whole-wheat pita with a flavorful and lower-in-fat tahini sauce. "I doubled this recipe and my entire family loved it," says user MamaKing. Wash it down with an organic Wit Bier from Wolaver's. ", These simple burgers have a short ingredients list and are open to customization with your favorite spice blends.Â, Butter beans will quickly become your favorite legume once you've tried this cheesy recipe.Â, "This was a super quick, vegetarian weeknight meal," says Jamie Justice Yost. Smashing burgers into thin patties not only makes them ... Vegan Black Bean Burgers. I found this recipe … These veggie burgers are made with easy-to-find, healthy ingredients. This bunless quinoa burger recipe with an easy yogurt sauce is a staff favorite. We recommend making extra sauce--it's a great dip for veggie sticks and, thinned with a little water, it makes a wonderful salad dressing. Serve on a bun, in a salad, or tucked into a pita.Â. Topping them with the caramelized onion relish adds extra deliciousness. The addition of vital wheat gluten (or wheat protein) to the black rice and kidney bean base makes for hearty and almost-meaty burger texture.Â, "Decadent" and "tofu" are words that are seldom paired together, but it's deserving for this satisfying recipe. "This was my first time making a veggie burger using oats.". Ruby port--a sweet fortified wine--gives extra depth of flavor to the caramelized onions. Transfer … Packed with nutrients, including magnesium and zinc. To make this recipe gluten-free too, use gluten-free oats and serve the patty in a lettuce wrap, omitting the bun. These easy vegan black bean burgers have a healthy dose of fiber thanks to the combination of black beans and quinoa. Foods That Serve Up a Social Statement is just one of the topics they're most curious about. These tofu burgers are packed with fresh broccoli, carrots, onion and red bell pepper, which gives them a garden-fresh flavor and great texture. Colorful, spicy and fragrant, these delicious burgers are right in style with the contemporary fondness for Southwestern foods, especially when served with Fresh Tomato Salsa. John November 27, 2020. 28 ratings 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Steamed Fish w/ Garlic Black Bean Sauce 蒜蓉黑豆酱蒸鱼 Chinese Fish Recipe; Beets: 1 Ingredient, 3 Recipes! If you’re a lover of the classic barbecue sauce, this one is for you. The trick is to partially dry out the black beans so the burgers do not taste mushy. Try one of these tasty recipes. All Rights Reserved. How to Cook Them on the Stove To cook the veggie burgers … These bean burgers will even please carnivores. Featuring only affordable whole food plant-based ingredients, the healthy … A little chili powder in the mixture gives them a hint of spiciness, which works nicely with the sweet chili slaw. Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. User ktjane85 says, "I had a vegetarian friend over for dinner last night and made these and the whole crowd raved about them! Cumin and chipotle chile powder give these vegan burgers a Southwestern spin. But if you're wanting to try your hand at making them at home, start with one of our 20 delicious veggie burger recipes. This vegetarian burger recipe … "Great texture!" Experiment with different seasonings in place of the ginger and garam masala‚ such as garlic and cumin for Middle Eastern flair or garlic and chili powder for a Southwestern spin. Try doubling the recipe and freezing the extra patties to have on hand for a quick dinner. Autumneyes, Credit: But if you're wanting to try your hand at making them at home, start with one of our 20 delicious veggie burger recipes. Blitz until they are breadcrumb size, don't … Roasted squash is the base for these beautifully golden burgers. Make it a Meal: Serve with a tomato-&-feta salad or Parsley Tabbouleh. This is the first veggie burger I have ever tried and I was very impressed. This recipe makes 6 to 7 veggie burger patties, and you can cook them two ways: on a skillet, or in the oven. They’re effortless to prepare and cook in only 30 minutes! Add soy sauce and cumin and cook, stirring occasionally, until dry. Blending the mixture with your hands gives you a soft, uniform texture then the outside gets crispy by cooking in a cast-iron pan. Chickadee, Credit: I am not vegetarian, But I really enjoyed these! Beans get all the attention, but lentils can make equally delicious veggie burgers. Recipe Source : Heart-Healthy Burger [Vegan] Heart-Healthy Burger [Vegan] 5 months ago.
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